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Benefits of an All-Natural Skincare Routine

When it comes to your skincare routine, you have a lot of different product options to consider. More and more though, it’s becoming trendy to opt for natural solutions. Just this year in fact, a on cosmetics noted that the market for natural products is expected to exceed $48 billion (about £37.6 billion) in the near future. This doesn’t mean that natural beauty products are necessarily replacing all alternatives, but it does show a clear trend. We love the idea of more people embracing these types of products in their beauty and skincare routines. But we also understand that for those who haven’t looked into them before, it may not be clear why others are making the switch. So below, we’re looking into some of the benefits of all-natural skincare. Better Health It’s easy to think of all skincare as being good for your health; to some extent, treating your skin on a regular basis is a healthy habit in general. However, in some cases (not all, mind you), unnatural products can actually carry some health risks. Our look at organic handmade sunscreen pointed out this contrast back in July. In that piece, we noted that in many traditional sunscreen products, there are potentially harmful ingredients, such as endocrine disrupting chemicals. And in some cases, these ingredients can actually increase your vulnerability to serious health problems. They may even encourage the development of skin cancer. By contrast, all-natural products do not carry harmful chemicals. While it’s certainly true that a given natural ingredient might occasionally irritate a person with a particular allergy or sensitivity, the risk is generally lower. Less Irritation Skin irritation may not always be a serious health issue, but it basically works similarly to the health problems we just described. Products packed with chemicals and unnatural ingredients will often cause mild irritation, and sometimes more severe issues like rashes or acne. By contrast, all-natural products simply have fewer irritants within them. Here too, it’s possible for a given ingredient to bother someone with a particular sensitivity, but by and large irritation will be a less common issue with natural products. More Sustainable If you’re curious as to why all-natural skincare products are trendy, specifically, sustainability may be your answer. People today care a great deal about being responsible with the brands they use, and this has led to more popularity for beauty brands that make use of natural ingredients rather than potentially harmful chemicals. Consider as an example the current state of affairs in the Asia, where the beauty product market is traditionally very busy (and fairly influential). Recently, a look at the most popular influencers on social media in all of the Philippines included one Sarah Tirona — a blogger who’s gained fame for running her own natural beauty product line. The write-up calls her business an “all-natural beauty brand that operates through fair trade and sustainability while providing consumers with the best possible products.” And the brand’s website markets itself as offering “personal care without the guilt.” The fact that such a company can not only succeed but turn its founder into one of the most noteworthy influencers in a country of more than 100 million people speaks to how much consumers value sustainability. Less Toxic Smell Smell may not be as important as health, comfort, or sustainability, but it’s certainly something consumers take into account — and another area in which all-natural skincare routines have an edge. Not all artificial products smell offensive, of course. In fact, one of the reasons (ironically) that companies design beauty products artificially is to infuse them with particular scents. But we like the mantra put forth several years ago by Vanessa Megan founder Vanessa Gray. An interview with the so-called “beauty queen” of Australia quoted Gray as saying that her products were born from her best friend’s phrase: “You should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat.” That’s actually a nice way to discuss a preference for natural products in general, but it can also be twisted to easily explain the issue of toxic smell. Simply put, if you don’t like how a product smells, you shouldn’t use it — and you’re less likely to have that issue without chemical ingredients present. Hopefully this has all helped to explain the appeal of all-natural skincare! Taking all of these factors into account, it’s clear both why natural products are trendy, and why they can be better for you.

Exclusively written for by Eileen Chasey

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